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I have a reference for a plat recorded in a land record book, but the page is not on Where can I find it?
Some plats have been removed from the land record volumes they were originally recorded in and can now be found digitally on the website Plats are arranged by county, and the site is searchable by book/page reference as well as through a keyword search.

When moving quickly through the virtual books, sometimes Adobe Reader stops working and I receive an error message. How can I prevent this?
Each time a new page or pages are requested, Adobe Reader will begin to download the images. Some systems may be unable to handle repeated new image requests before current images are completely downloaded, and an error message will appear and the browser window will close. Waiting until a page has downloaded before selecting a new one will help avoid this problem.

While trying to access indexing/images I came across an error message. Why did this happen and what should I do?
Error messages may appear due to cataloging issues with individual books, during system maintenance, or because of a technical problem. If you come across an error message, please contact the help desk by email at to alert us to the issue. In order for the help desk to properly assess the situation, please provide as much information as possible including the date and time your information request failed, the specific county and book and page you were trying to view when the error message appeared, and a description of the type of error message you received.

When I print a land record I only get a small portion of the image. How can I fix this?
In your print options, set your page scaling to shrink larger images or to fit images to paper. This will ensure that an entire land record page is printed on one piece of paper regardless of the size of the original image.

I am having problems with my Adobe Reader. What should I do?
For additional Adobe assistance, please consult the Adobe Reader Support Center at

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